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Sunday, October 31, 2010

thailand maju!!

Manufacturers of fake ID cards, Bangkok, Thailand 
Similarly to many Asian countries, pirated CDs, DVDs, copied global newspapers and even Lonely Planet guide books are abundant in tourist populated areas.
Of more exotic "fakies", I'd mention fake IDs.
If you dare put your morality aside, fetch a photo, and become a certified journalist or photographer.
Winds blow in your wallet? Now you can be a student. No studies, discounts instead.
International drivers licence? No problem!
What about master's degree that you never found time to start or finish?
Can do!
As most of businesses, these guys offer discounts for quantity. So if you decide that being a student for 5 years ahead is an economically feasible option, just make a small investment of around 10-15 EUR, and five new IDs valid for five successive years lie bulging in your pocket.


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