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Thursday, March 8, 2012

this is HAIKU!

mcm chipsmore je tuan punya blog ni..kejap ade..pahtu lamaaaaaaaaaaaaa menghilang..xpe ni pun ni pun xde org perasaan pun kalo xupdate..T__T..

last 2 days, i've literature class with LORD DUNCAN..hebat x nama DR.ZAINURIN yg suh panggil sebab dia sgt best..actually his name is DR. ABDUL SHAKOUR DUNCAN PREECE. i'm not too sure where does he come from..but some sort like canada@uk@somewhere around europe la..and time class hari tu he introduced HAIKU..dan haruslah aku yg blur ni terpekik terlolong..ok tipu!aku just buat muka blur yg mmg jadi hobi tu..haruslah xpaham sebab sebelum ni blaja CALCULUS ok..T__T..

what is actually haiku??haiku is part of literature. just like a short poem @ story but made up of 3 lines, with 5-7-5 syllable..paham???xpaham??bleh la masuk geng aku..hehe..let me give you an example;

 "dare to try is brave,
 when the hope is there for you,
 let's start, not to wait."

so, 1st line is made op 5 syllables: dare-to-try-is-brave
2nd line is made of 7 syllables: when- the-hope-is-there-for-you
3rd line is made of 5 syllables: let's-start-not-to-wait.

ok..kira hangpa paham la noo..
ni karya2 classmate aku yg OHSEM..

today i've learnt that,
he is always there for me,
even when i'm not.

banana outside,
vanilla ice cream inside,
it's banana split.

i saw red apple,
up on a tree all alone,
next minute its gone.
~xingat sape..=)~

today is so strange,
i have to write this HAIKU,
but what can i do.


~credit to diana~i've photography class dis sem..suppose letak tuk WW smlm td xsempat..;( 

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