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Thursday, November 24, 2011

i really do care..

you thought i don't care, but the fact is, i really do care..
i'm not asking for anything but just trust in me..
no..u're not alone..Allah will be by your side..
yes..we're far apart but my pray is always for you..
i'm not there for you, but Allah will do..
we can't be like before not because of you're there and i'm here..
but as we grow older, we know that we can't be like before..
just remember that i still the one that you know and i will never change..
i'm not knowing whether it is for me or anyone else..but still, forgive me for what i have done..
smile and be strong..=)


AlFaQirah Fillah said...

=D t... rindu mu. selalu nasihatkan aku, perlukan nasihat mu.

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